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Jul 7, 2020

We are honored to have Dr. Quinton Morris on today’s podcast.  Dr. Morris enjoys a multifaceted career as a concert violinist, educator, entrepreneur and filmmaker. He is an associate professor of violin and chamber music at Seattle University and the founder/executive director of Key to Change, a nonprofit organization that provides violin and viola lessons to students living in South King County. He performs and presents lectures all over the world. 


Clearly, Quinton is a very busy man, so I really appreciated the fact that he took the time to speak with me and open up about his work ethic and mindset.  He takes us inside his brain and shows us his process for being so dedicated, focused, and confident in setting and reaching his goals.  Dr. Morris also generously opens up about his experience as a Black man in a predominantly white field, offers important insights into the current Civil Rights movement, and makes helpful recommendations on how silent supporters can get involved and become true allies. 


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